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  Video Security Surveillance Solutions
Analog and IP video systems available


Innovative Idea security surveillance system features:

  • Remote audio/video monitoring

  • Remote playback via web client

  • Motion detect or scheduled recording modes

  • Full PTZ (pan, tilt, Zoom) control capable

  • 16 camera inputs with expansion possible with Center Monitoring Station client

}The day after installation we used the surveillance to help find a purse that had been reported stolen.  The student was fairly sure that she had set the purse down by her locker between classes and had failed to pick it up as she made her way back to class.

When we reviewed the camera archives, we found the purse, observed another student pick it up, walk into a restroom and come back out with it.  The student was clearly identifiable based on the camera's clarity.”
 Roy Merideth, Principal



Email: info@innovativeidea.com

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